Life with CrossFit


I’ve been sucking at posting my WODs here since I started tracking them on WODclub, but rest assured, I’ve not only stuck with CrossFit for the past 4 weeks, I freaking LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Except for yesterday when I thought I was going to die & for the first time actually considered not completing a WOD. But my coach pushed me through it, convincing me that no matter how bad it sucked at that moment, it would suck more to quit. And you know what? I survived, and with only a few tears. 

I’ve been accomplishing something new with every workout, and even though I’m never the fastest one on the board and I never lift the heaviest weight, each time I lift a little bit more than I did the time before.

My husband says he hasn’t seen me this happy in years. I think that says it all.

I love CrossFit.


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