Monthly Archives: November 2012

WOD: November 29, 2012


WOD: 3 rounds of 400m run, 15 SDHP 115/75 and 30 double unders.

Scaling: 65#, DU attempts

Score: 18:09




WOD: November 27, 2012



12-9-6 reps of Shoulder to overhead 155/105 and chest to bar pull-ups… then, 12-9-6 reps of wallballs and toes to bar.

Scaling: 70# & purple band on pull ups; knees to elbow/leg raises

Score: 10:18

I loved this WOD…which makes me think that I should have done a heavier weight on the shoulders to overhead. Even the wall balls weren’t too bad – of course, it’s nice that there wasn’t so many of them. 12-9-6 is much easier than 21-15-9.

WOD: November 26, 2012


Skill: 100 double unders for time.

Score: 8:47

WOD: 12-9-6 reps of thrusters and box jumps.

Men= 135-155-175 and 30”. Women= 95-105-115 and 24”

Scaling: 65# for all reps

Score: 5:19

Man, I need to get better at double unders!! I sure hope I get a rope for Christmas so I can get more practice in. I’m thinking I might could have done a little heavier weight, considering how quickly I finished. I’ve been doing 55# on thrusters in WODs but it’s time I bump it up to 65# from now on. Stronger than yesterday!!

Oh, My Aching Knee!


My left knee has been aching for the past couple of weeks. I didn’t WOD much last week and it felt a little better but after last night’s WOD it got really cranky. It’s not swollen at all, it just aches & slightly burns just beneath my kneecap. I iced it last night but I don’t really know what else to do for it. Need to do some research. I’m not ready to seek medical attention just yet and I don’t want it to get to the point that I have to. Suggestions?

WOD: November 19, 2012



  • 10 overhead squats
  • 10 box jump overs
  • 10 power cleans
  • 10 thrusters
  • 10 toes to bar
  • 10 burpee pull-ups
  • 10 toes to bar
  • 10 thrusters
  • 10 power cleans
  • 10 box jump overs
  • 10 overhead squats

Notes from Coach: Weight is 135/95. Be prepared for a week full of a$$ kicking WODs…I don’t want to feel guilty eating my pie 😉

Scaling: 55#, leg raises

Score: 14:28

Maaaaaan, those overhead squats just killed me!!! I was bummed that I couldn’t do more weight, but I tried 65# in the warm up & had to dump it. OHS just feel so awkward. I get unbalanced & can’t get back up. I felt my back straining a lot when my form was off. Lowering the weight to 55# helped with that. Better mobility in my shoulders would help me – I don’t know that I’m getting the bar back as far as I should. The 55# cleans were super easy, and the thrusters weren’t too bad. I think I’ll go up to 65# thrusters the next time they show up in a WOD.  I’ve been doing 55# for a while now. On a positive note, the toes to bar were by far the best I’ve ever done, my toes were maybe an inch from the bar in some of them. Definite progress there.

WOD: November 16, 2012 – CINDY


20 min. amrap

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 air squats

Scaling: Jumping pull ups

Score: 12 + 21

Oh, Cindy. You sound so innocent – it’s ‘only’ pull ups, push ups & air squats – but by the 3rd or 4th round I was cursing you. Those push ups started coming slower & slower. My previous attempt at Cindy with a twist yielded me a higher score, but I was doing push ups on my knees back then so it’s not a true comparison. I was somewhere in the middle of the pack.