WOD: November 2, 2012


Strength: Front Squat 4×4 @ 80%

WOD: 10 minute AMRAP of 10 toes to bar, 10 OH lunges 45/25 and 10 push-ups with feet on plate

Score: 4 rounds + 10 reps

Front squats are always awkward feeling. I have a hard time keeping my weight in my heels & my wrists always hurt. Luckily I was able to borrow & try out some strength wraps for my wrists on the last round & I really liked them, so I’m adding them to my list of things to get when I have some extra $$ floating around.

For the WOD, I wasn’t able to get toes to bar, but Coach Jon showed us some techniques that made a big improvement over how I’ve just sort of flung myself to & fro in the past. Coach said I was about 4 inches from the bar. I did the RX weight on the OH lunges & did my push ups with my feet on the plate. This made me SORE over the weekend,  SO SORE in my chest, but that’s good. My legs were also sore, more than usual. Might have also been because I had one of those weeks where I didn’t make it to the box as often as I could/should have.

Good WOD. I’d spent that day volunteering in Mazzy’s class at school so it was nice to get to move around & talk to adults.


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