Strength: Front squat 4×4 heavy

Did 135# & it was heavy but felt pretty good.


5 rounds

  • 7 SDHP 95/65
  • 14 push press 95/65
  • 21 double unders

Scaling: Did 3 rounds RX weight, then had to drop to 55#. Did DU attempts.

Score: 18:04

OMG, this one was a total killer. I shouldn’t have started with the RX weight. I was already feeling a little shaky from the front squats, plus I didn’t fuel well today. I did eat a healthy lunch, but I didn’t eat enough. I was starving an hour or two before the WOD, but didn’t have anything to snack on. I was the last one to finish and it sucked. Folks who had already finished kept walking by me, putting away equipment & just socializing. Several times I had to stop focus on my DUs just so I could avoid hitting anyone with my rope. But more than that it just made me painfully aware how slow I was going. After I finally finished I went outside & just started bawling. It was really frustrating. The take-away here is that I have to practice my double unders every. single. day. There’s no way around it.


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