Skill Work – Rope Climbs

My first rope climb!

My first rope climb!

I climbed the rope!! So excited! The first time I got about halfway up & completely freaked out. I’m scared of heights & this was truly terrifying. I rested a bit and then tried again and got *this close* to the top. I was afraid to go high enough to touch the ceiling but I know I could have, it was a mental failure. So big achievement for me after more than a week away from the box!


10 minute AMRAP

  • 10 KB Snatch
  • 15 KB SDHP
  • 20 KB OH Lunges (1.5/1pood)

Scaling: 10kg kettlebell

Score: 3+9

This WOD was tough, even with the smaller kb. The snatches & SDHP were fine, but those darn lunges got me. During round two of the lunges something twisted up in my back & I had to put down the kb & try to rub it out a bit before continuing, then in round 3 my shoulder went wonky when I hoisted up the kb & I had to put it down again. Dang, I’m feeling the effects of being a slacker lately for sure. But the good thing is that I’ve done much better with my diet lately & the scale is moving down & my belt is cinching up tighter, so that’s a good thing.


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