Strength: Clean- Heavy

There was no prescribed weight or reps for this, so I worked up to 100lbs for my last set. Felt pretty good for the most part.


3 rounds of 1 minute max effort:

  • double unders
  • pull-ups
  • hspu
  • GHD sit-ups.

Scaling: singles, box hspu, purple & orange bands on pull ups

Score: 215

This was a fun WOD but I had a hard time converting my singles to the correct count. 3 singles count as 1 double, so I had to take my score & divide by 3…which sounds easy enough but when you’re focusing on the workout & racing to the next movement, it got a little lost on me. I’m pretty darn sure I screwed myself out of quite a few reps on the second round…but whaddaya do? Had a horrible headache afterwards from all the upside-down crap.

OMG the OPEN starts tomorrow and somehow I was convinced to sign up. Obviously I don’t expect to go to Regionals and I have no delusions of grandeur here…but I’d like to just be able to turn in a decent score each week. What I didn’t realize when I signed up is that I have to be judged one-on-one each week and that makes me super nervous. It will be a learning experience for sure!


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