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Max Make-Up Day

Over the last couple of weeks we have maxed several lifts…mostly on days when I couldn’t be at the box, so I was VERY happy to have the make up day. I decided to do back squat and shoulder press.

Shoulder Press: 75#

That’s a 15#PR from about a year ago. I’m happy to PR but a little bummed it wasn’t more.

Back Squat: 185#

Sadly, not a PR. My last PR was 190#. I got 185 with no problem & then instead of adding just 5#, I added 10#. I got down but couldn’t get back up so I tried to roll the bar off my back, only my ponytail was in the way and the bar kinda got stuck. It didn’t hurt but it ripped out a wad of my hair and I have some lovely bruising/rash on my back as a result. Not my week for the barbell & my back, I tell you that! So I didn’t attempt it again or go back down to 190.




8 minute amrap

  • 5 thrusters (heavy for you)
  • 15 plank up downs

Scaling: 65#

Score: 4+15

The guy lifting next to me dropped his bar when I was doing my planks & it landed on my back. Someone up above was watching out for me because I had just dropped flat on my stomach to rest for a second when it happened, so the tip of the barbell was lying flush with my back but didn’t crush me, and the plates were right next to my side. VERY LUCKY!

Bonus: Utilize the extra time to work on a skill that you are still trying to master. Pull-ups or double unders are a great choice.

I was able to string together 3 kipping pull ups! Thus far I’ve had to drop the bar between every one, but I’m starting to get the hang of pushing off the bar to move back into the kip. It was so fun! I love having some open gym time to work on skills.



5 rounds of

  • 20 pull-ups
  • 30 push-ups
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 50 air-squats
  • *rest 3 minutes*

The rest is NOT optional and will be part of the overall time.

Scaling: Two rounds with purple band, then did something to my shoulder & changed to green. Used sandbag on my feet for sit ups. Did last round on push ups on my knees.

Score: 51:50

This was a total mental breakdown for me. I was crying after round 4. I didn’t want to finish. Coach said I could stop at 4…but I just couldn’t do that so I finished. I never want to do that WOD again.



Partner WOD…20min AMRAP
-Partner 1 rows 500m
-Partner 2 As Many Rounds As Possible

  • 10 pull-ups
  • 10 wall balls
  • 10 push-ups

*partners switch once Partner 1 finishes the row. 🙂

Scaling: purple band

Score: 9+10