Max Make-Up Day

Over the last couple of weeks we have maxed several lifts…mostly on days when I couldn’t be at the box, so I was VERY happy to have the make up day. I decided to do back squat and shoulder press.

Shoulder Press: 75#

That’s a 15#PR from about a year ago. I’m happy to PR but a little bummed it wasn’t more.

Back Squat: 185#

Sadly, not a PR. My last PR was 190#. I got 185 with no problem & then instead of adding just 5#, I added 10#. I got down but couldn’t get back up so I tried to roll the bar off my back, only my ponytail was in the way and the bar kinda got stuck. It didn’t hurt but it ripped out a wad of my hair and I have some lovely bruising/rash on my back as a result. Not my week for the barbell & my back, I tell you that! So I didn’t attempt it again or go back down to 190.


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