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Tabata: push ups, lunges, burpees, air squats

Score: 31RX

Yay, I RX’d a workout! =)




Strength/Skill OHS… If your OHS is janky you will work on form with little to no weight. If you have a beautiful OHS you will work up to a 1 RM.

10 minute amrap of
10 box jumps 24/20
15 push press 115/75
20 sit-ups

Scaling: 55#

Score: 3 + 22




21-15-9 reps

  • Deadlifts 275/185
  • Bar-facing burpees

Scaling: 135# deadlift

Score: 10:20

My 1RM max deadlift was 230# back in September, so if I used the 70% suggestion for this WOD I should have been at around 160#…but MAN, that 135# felt heavy enough, and my back was screaming in my 15 rep round, so I’m ok with not going heavier.



15 Power cleans 115/75
200m run
12 power cleans 135/95
200m run
9 power cleans 165/115
200m run
6 power cleans 185/125
200m run
3 power cleans 205/135
200m run

Scaling: 65/75/85/95/105

Score: 17:21

I would have really liked this WOD if the sun had not just BEAT. ME. DOWN. the moment I stepped outside for the first 200m run. WOW. I could tell instantly that I had not hydrated enough and I reaalllly regretted that. It doesn’t help that the afternoon sun shines straight at the box and there is basically no shade at all, then the cooler we use in the gym wasn’t working either so going back in for the cleans didn’t really help at all. I’ve got to get more acclimated to the heat or my training will be suffering. Heat aside, I loved the cleans and I really like running in my INNOV-8s, much more so than my Nanos. No knee pain today either!



WOD: Death by 10 meters.
Skill work Thursday… pick a skill, not a lift. Focus on that one skill work toward mastering it, this is your time to improve your CF game. Pistols, Pull-ups, hand stand push-ups, dub dubs… one of those would be a good idea.

Score: 13

I attempted 14 but didn’t quite make it. This was actually kind of fun, even though the sun was blazing down on us outside.

So instead of skill work I did some mobility work to try and stretch out my hamstrings and quads. Hopefully this will help keep my knee from going back to that place where it was always hurting.




For time complete 100 thrusters 95/65… also complete 3 burpees every minute on the minute

Scaling: Did around 30 reps with 55#, then dropped down to 45#

Score: 17:32

This was brutal. BRUTAL!!!

Bonus: 100 partner wallball situps

I didn’t have a partner & I was icing my knee, which did not like those thrusters at all, thank you very much, so I just did 50 regular sit ups. I’m still sore today so it’s all good.




5 rounds

  • 400m run
  • 21 KBS 1.5/1 pood
  • 12 pull-ups

Scaling: 10kg, purple band

Score: 26:34

I was the first one finished in my class!! I was super excited about that. I told Coach Jon that I felt like I’d probably scaled too much if I came in first but he told me to just go with it, and you know what? I think I will. =) My right shoulder/rotator cuff is really tender & sore so I didn’t want to use the 1 pood KB.