Snatch high pulls 4×2 AHAP

Weight: 90#

3 rounds

  • 15 toes to bar
  • 30 push-ups
  • 60 double unders

Scaling: leg raises, knees, singles

Score: 20:06

WELL. Being out for over a week & then coming in with sinus issues & having taken Sudafed did not work out all too well for me. Wasn’t sure I was even going to finish but I managed to. Eventually.




5 rounds for time:

  • Shoulders to Overhead 165/105
  • 10 burpees

Scaling: 85#

Score: 10:25

Coach Jon pushed me to do 85# & I’m glad he did. It took me a while but I made it through.



Strength: Thruster… complete 1 thruster starting no heavier than 95/65. From there go up in increments of 10 pounds total until you get to your max… do not go any heavier than 185/155.

Score: 105#, a 10# PR. I attempted 115# 3 times but couldn’t get it over my head.

Festivus Games WOD #2
Sprint Sprint Sprint!
•21 Calorie row
•15 Burpee box jump M/F 24in./20(intermediate) Burpee step-up 24in./20(novice)
•9 Cleans M/F 135#/95(intermediate) 95#/65(novice)
•15 Burpee box jump
•21 Calorie row

***7 minute time cap. If you do not finish seconds will be added to the score for incomplete reps.


Score: 7:23

Well. This was deceptively difficult. I sprinted on the rower & then had the HARDEST time doing the box jumps. And I never have a hard time doing box jumps! And then when I attempted my first clean of only 65#, I FAILED. Failed on only 65#. WTH? Never mind that I had just cleaned 115# 3 times! Only made it to rep 13 of the second set of BBJ’s before time was called.