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Strength: Back Squat 5×5@80%

155# – heavy but doable

WOD: Helen

Three rounds for time:

  • Run 400 meters
  • 21 KBS 1.5/1 pood
  • 12 Pull-ups

Scaling: 10kg, purple band

Score: 14:44




5 rounds of

  • 20 pull-ups
  • 30 push-ups
  • 40 sit-ups
  • 50 air-squats
  • *rest 3 minutes*

The rest is NOT optional and will be part of the overall time.

Scaling: Two rounds with purple band, then did something to my shoulder & changed to green. Used sandbag on my feet for sit ups. Did last round on push ups on my knees.

Score: 51:50

This was a total mental breakdown for me. I was crying after round 4. I didn’t want to finish. Coach said I could stop at 4…but I just couldn’t do that so I finished. I never want to do that WOD again.