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Skill Work: Rope climbs


3 rounds for time:

  • 5 shoulder to overhead 165/115
  • 10 wheels of death
  • 15 deadlifts 165/115
  • 20 lateral bar hops

Scaling: 85#

Score: 7:46




Strength: Power snatch 4×3@65%


WOD: 5 minutes to row as many calories as possible then in 5 minutes establish a 1 rep max ground to overhead. 

Score = calories + weight lifted

Score: 165 

I rowed 60 calories & lifted 105#. Attempted 115# but couldn’t get it overhead.




Max Back Squat

Score: *195#

I put the asterisk because I got 185 & then tried for 205. I wasn’t able to get up but Coach Jon put 195# down for me because I was close & surely could have gotten it. Mostly this just means that I will use 195# as my base for percentages for the 4 week strength cycle we are beginning next week. My last PR was 190# so I’m fine with this. I’m excited to see how much I can improve over the cycle.


10 minute amrap

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 lateral bar hops
  • 15 push press

choose a weight that challenges you, but at the same time you can go unbroken. if you drop the bar that add 5 more burpees to the next round

Score: 4+6 RX

I used 55# but somewhere in the 3rd or 4th round I was completely unable to breathe. Stupid exercise-induced asthma. I’ve been struggling with allergies this season and it has now manifested itself as asthma, something I’ve never had before. Trying to decide if I need to see a doctor for an inhaler. Geez, turning 40 in another month and I’m falling apart like a cheap suit.



Strength: Thruster… complete 1 thruster starting no heavier than 95/65. From there go up in increments of 10 pounds total until you get to your max… do not go any heavier than 185/155.

Score: 105#, a 10# PR. I attempted 115# 3 times but couldn’t get it over my head.

Festivus Games WOD #2
Sprint Sprint Sprint!
•21 Calorie row
•15 Burpee box jump M/F 24in./20(intermediate) Burpee step-up 24in./20(novice)
•9 Cleans M/F 135#/95(intermediate) 95#/65(novice)
•15 Burpee box jump
•21 Calorie row

***7 minute time cap. If you do not finish seconds will be added to the score for incomplete reps.


Score: 7:23

Well. This was deceptively difficult. I sprinted on the rower & then had the HARDEST time doing the box jumps. And I never have a hard time doing box jumps! And then when I attempted my first clean of only 65#, I FAILED. Failed on only 65#. WTH? Never mind that I had just cleaned 115# 3 times! Only made it to rep 13 of the second set of BBJ’s before time was called.



9/20/13 is Coach Kelly’s birthday. In celebration we will WOD for her. It is her 31st Birthday so we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of her 21st Birthday. woop woop.

Strength: Work to a 1 rep max Jerk, out of the rack.

Score: 110# (10# PR!!)

5 minute amrap

  • 10 back squats @ 50% of 1 rep max (my max was 190, so 95# for me)
  • 31 lateral bar hops.

-Rest 5 minutes.
5 minute amrap

  • 10 power snatch 95/65
  • 31 mountain climbers

Score will be the total number of reps

Score: 206 RX!!

I RX’d!!! I wasn’t going to but Coach Jon pushed me & I’m so glad he did!
Bonus: 31 birthday burpees